A natural phenomenon and one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls is an immense 1.5 km wide curtain of water cascading 100m into the gorge. Around 550 million litres of water fall over the lip every minute. Surrounding the falls is a luscious rainforest, sustained year round by spray created by the thundering falls. There are plant species here which are rarely seen elsewhere in Zambia. During peak flow, the Zambian side of the Falls is a spectacular sight and walkways lead to vantage points across the Knife Edge Bridge.

Tour (from Sun International)
Tour (Sun International Residents)

Tour (Zimbabwe)

Park Entry fee is $20 per adult, $10 children 6 – 16 years old and free for children 5 years old and under.
A guided tour can be organised with Safari Par Excellence which includes return transfers, guided tour and soft drinks.
If you don’t want an organised tour then speak to the friendly staff at reception and they’ll organise a taxi to take you there.
Water levels from Dec / Jan to July are very high so clients can expect to get showered by the spray.
The water is very low in October, when not much water flows over the Falls on the Zambian side.  A microlight flight over the falls or a dip in The Devils Pool on the edge of the Falls is highly recommended at this time of year.
Lunar Rainbow (moonbow) – This can be experienced for 3 days during high water, best times of year are the months April – August.

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Both short and long flights are available (approximately 15 and 30 minutes).  The short flight circuits over The Falls, offering superb views from every angle.  The long flight goes over the gorge below The Falls, skimming above the rapids of the Zambezi River and then once out of the gorge the flight circuits The Falls and finishes off by flying over the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park in the hope of spotting some of Africa’s big game such as elephant and rhino.

3, 4 or 6 seater flights available.  Please note there is no guarantee as to which size helicopter clients will fly in and there is no guarantee of a window seat.  Clients are encouraged to take their own cameras.

15 Minute Flight
20 Minute Flight

Helicopter flights take place from 07h30 until 16h30.
Return transfers included.
Pick up times are dependent on client wish and availability.
Half price for children under 4 years of age only.


Short and long flights are available as per helicopter flights but long flights do not go down into the gorge but fly overhead.

Clients can’t take cameras on microlights but there are wing mounted cameras and a CD of photos can be bought after the trip.

15 Minute Flight
20 Minute Flight

1 client per Microlight (with pilot).
Minimum age:  7 years old (no child rate).
Maximum weight:  100kg.
Microlight flights take place from 06.45 to 09.00 and then from 15h30 to 17h00.
Return transfers included.
Pick up times are dependent on client wish and availability.


Based at the top of The Victoria Falls, this is the island where David Livingstone first set eyes on The Falls.  A short boat ride is taken from The Royal Livingstone hotel over to the island where you walk across the top of The Falls and even get a chance to swim in a natural rock pool right on the edge (Devils Pool or Angels Armchair).

Maximum capacity:  16
Children under 5 years old pay ½ price.

Morning Breezer
1 ½ hours, includes breakfast and refreshments (to be at the Royal Livingstone at 07h15, 08h45 or 10h15)

2 ½ hours, 3 course lunch and refreshments (to be at the Royal Livingstone at 12h15).

High Tea
2 hours, variety of rolls as well as cakes, scones and refreshments (to be at the Royal Livingstone at 15h15).

Only open during low water season (normally closed April – July, depending on water levels).
Please note that swimming is not always available even when the island is open due to water levels.
Transfers are not included in the activity.

PLEASE NOTE: $10pp ZAWA park fees are applicable on activities that take place in the National Parks, Rafting, Elephants, Lions, Game Drive and Sunset Cruise, depending on where you are staying, as this fee is included in some accommodation options, you will be advised at time of booking / enquiry.


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